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It is the job of the concept artist to visualize and create universes in which we as viewers can lose ourselves; worlds that dare us to question whether reality is where we truly want to be. And what better way to challenge reality than the exploration of technology? Robots, cyborgs, mechs, etc. - all are beautiful explorations of the imagination and the possibilities of technology. This is a blog dedicated to that conceptual exploration. Welcome to Concept: Construct.

Theme Week 1: “METAL GEAR”

Metal Gear REX concept art, from “The Art of Metal Gear Solid 1.5” - Yoji Shinkawa

And so it begins!  Welcome to Concept: Construct’s first theme week, in which I dedicate a week to featuring the art of any number of exclusive influences.  This week, I will be featuring the art behind the famous "Metal Gear (Solid/Rising)" video game series, and what better way to kick things off than with concept art of the nuke-launching tank that started it all, Metal Gear REX?

Stay tuned for more posts!