About Artists
It is the job of the concept artist to visualize and create universes in which we as viewers can lose ourselves; worlds that dare us to question whether reality is where we truly want to be. And what better way to challenge reality than the exploration of technology? Robots, cyborgs, mechs, etc. - all are beautiful explorations of the imagination and the possibilities of technology. This is a blog dedicated to that conceptual exploration. Welcome to Concept: Construct.

Vitaly Bulgarov’s “BLACK PHOENIX” PROJECT, Day 8 mech design:

"Chernobyl Patrol"

Here’s a little change in pace from our traditional 2D designs.  Bulgarov works, from what I gather, primarily in 3D modelling and design.  In his “Black Phoenix” Project (or “10 Days of Mech”), he set out to digitally create and render one mech a day for a fictional military company called “Black Phoenix”.  The results are definitely worth checking out; this is his creation for Day 8, and my personal favorite of the bunch.

Also, I’d recommend opening these images in another tab because they’re gigantic. 

Thank you to my friend for tipping me off to these!